We offer AGE GROUP appropriate classes to get the most from your Fusion Martial Arts experience.

The Younger you start the best chance to have a fun martial arts journey that lasts for life.
Our Mini Rangers Program will help your young one grow up healthy, happy, and self confident.
It’s a Fun introduction to Martial Arts and a great way to develop confidence
Each 30 minute session includes exercises to develop

  • balance,
  • coordination, and
  • gross motor skills.

Your child will run, jump, kick, and have a great time while improving their athleticism. Ideally, we will aim to teach them how to follow instructions and be better learners when they get to school. It’s a perfect way to develop healthy habits and a positive attitude towards physical activity.

  • For children who are constantly in motion,  Mini Rangers is a great outlet to burn off excess energy!
  • For children that are very shy, the Mini Rangers program is ideal as parents or older siblings can join in and help them increase confidence.

Learn The Importance of Respect and Self Control 

Treating others with respect is one of the core principles of the martial arts. During training students learn to be courteous and kind to others. They also learn the importance of taking turns,  cooperating with a partner, and following instructions. This will prepare them for greater success at school and other team sports.

Making Friends and Learning Social Skills

Meeting new classmates and teachers is highly beneficial. We coach kids to introduce themselves to others and to be comfortable around new people.

A HUGE Confidence Boost because Believing In Yourself Starts Early!

Our philosophy is to help students to develop their self confidence through encouragement, praise, and motivating them to attempt new activities. You will watch your child’s self confidence soar as they gain new skills and are rewarded with new belt ranks. This is a great way for them to learn how exciting it is to set and achieve new goals.

At Fusion Martial Arts, we provide students with:

  • Age specific Curriculum
  • Great student to teacher ratio
  • Parents welcome to watch every session
  • Patient, Encouraging Instructors

Martial Arts classes for children 8 – 15 Years old Programs on offer: TaeKwonDo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

A Martial Arts Athlete is a Complete Athlete 
The reality today is that kids have many reasons not to be active. The temptation to spend long periods of time in front of a digital screen can lead to inactivity and decreased physical fitness. Taekwondo is a fun way to stay active and to improve strength, flexibility and endurance. Your child will also increase their coordination, reflexes, and athletic skills. Best of all, they will love the excitement of learning Martial Arts.

Confident Kids are Happy Kids!
As your child begins learning martial arts, something amazing happens. Their skills improve, they realise that they were capable of more than they thought and this boosts both their self-image and self-esteem. Our Martial Arts students take great pride in their accomplishments and become confident about their ability to face any challenge.

The Solution to Bullying is here at Fusion
Bullies often seek out kids whose posture, voice tone, and self confidence levels make them an easy target. Through Taekwondo training, your child will learn to carry themselves assertively,  speak up for themselves and resist intimidation and peer pressure.

Increased Focus = Better Grades!
Parents and teachers notice the positive effect learning Martial Arts has on a students success in school.  As they gain self discipline your child will become more efficient at homework. Our students learn to block out distractions and stay on task. They also gain a longer attention span that will help them to learn any topic.

The road to Black Belt builds Character and Perseverance 
Martial Arts is taught and learnt in an atmosphere of respect and courtesy. Whilst learning all our classes are fun, exciting and rewarding, it isn’t always easy. Your child will learn to gradually increase their effort and determination in order to master more advanced techniques and earn higher belt ranks. This is an invaluable life lesson that will teach your child the perseverance it takes to achieve their goals in every area of life.

Fusion Martia Arts classes offers your child

  • High Energy Classes
  • Confidence Building Challenges and Goals
  • Parents welcome to watch every session
  • Expert, Experienced Instructors

Teen and adult martial arts classes in Yarraville
Programs on offer: TaeKwonDo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai
Fitness and Self Defence training for the Ultimate Confidence

A great alternative to repetitive exercise 
Would you like to look forward to working out? Now you can. Our teen/adult classes are taught by high energy instructors who will inspire you to give your best. No two classes are alike, and at each session you will be learn new techniques and refine your skills. It’s a process of constant learning that will motivate you to train consistently.

The atmosphere is friendly, and your classmates will be both welcoming and encouraging. You’re going to love being part of our World Class family!

A stronger, faster, more capable body
Taekwondo training develops your whole body. You will increase your flexibility and leg strength as you learn powerful kicks. You will gain muscle tone in your upper body from the repetition of punches and strikes. Every class includes stretching, cardio, strength, and endurance. You get the benefit of multiple exercise programs all in one workout!

Be prepared to protect yourself and those your love 
Learning self-defence will give you confidence and peace of mind.  You will learn practical methods to escape from a variety of grabs and holds. You will increase your speed, reflexes and timing from partner drills that will condition you to react quickly and instinctively in a dangerous situation.

Take control of your thoughts and your stress level
The world is faster paced than ever before. You are bombarded with information and requests 24/7 wherever you are. Learn how to slow down, focus on the moment and take a mental break from the stress and demands of your every day life. You will love how it feels to work out without distraction. Nothing is more relaxing and stress relieving than letting out your frustration by kicking, punching and hitting targets.

  • Transform your body and your energy level
  • Learn self-defence
  • Meet friendly classmates

Kids TaeKwonDo

Ages 8-15

Kids TaeKwonDo Classes

Mini Rangers

Ages 4-7

Mini Rangers

Competition Class

8 Years +

Competition Class

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